Day 1

Welcome to your fit family, my friend!

Please take a few minutes to read through this OVERVIEW to answer a lot of questions you are going to have as we get started on this journey!! Be sure to have a notebook designated to this challenge!

First and foremost, know this:
This community is full of BUSY badass babes like you and me who have decided to finally refuse to let a busy life be an excuse for treating ourselves poorly any longer. We have each others’ backs. When we feel like leaning AWAY, we practice leaning in.

I am SO GLAD you are a part of this journey with us!

Okay, so check it out …
We are NOT going to diet.
We are NOT going to workout to “chase a calorie” any longer.
MOST importantly, we are not going to CHASE weight loss or pounds at all.

Because, guess what!

How we feel about our health and wellness actually has NOTHING to do with the pounds and inches and EVERYTHING to do with how we are TREATING ourselves.
👍🏼When we are treating ourselves well, those numbers adjust themselves to what is ideal for our individual frame.
👎🏼When we aren’t treating ourselves so well, the way we feel in our skin reflects that, too.

Consider this TEAM PRACTICE!
we are going to show up every day (ESPECIALLY when we don’t want to)
⦿ we are going to learn new skills and practice them
⦿ we are going to create new habits

And it’s going to be a super-sweet, slippery hot mess. Not one single person will ever do this process perfectly. So get that notion out of your head, here and now. Leave the delusion of PERFECTION at the door. Homie don’t play that, ‘round here.

So we commit to showing up to practice and giving it our all.
Team Practice.
This is not the BIG GAME.
This is not the BIG SHOW.
There are no judges or spectators waiting or watching for you to succeed or fail.

It’s just YOU versus YOU with your BIG TEAM right here, all slipping and sliding and practicing these new skills together along with you, side-by-side, failing forward together and succeeding as a result!!!

I can’t wait to succeed with you!

Coach Jenni


Every three weeks, we will begin a new 21-day session where we commit to:

Following the Portion Fix color-coded container meal plan.

Why? The containers ensure a proper balance of your essential food groups within your individually-ideal calorie bracket. The containers help break the habit of counting calories and overeating. The containers are educational tools towards understanding what our bodies need and how to incorporate what we WANT into that.

Working out everyday with a fitness program on Beachbody On-Demand.

Why? Because as a fitness professional, gym owner, and workout creator, I have chosen to work with Beachbody to offer these specific programs to get YOU the best results. These are the workouts I will be doing right along with you.
*If you are doing something else in addition to your home workouts (running, Crossfit, group fitness classes, etc.) hit me up one-on-one and we’ll make sure your workouts are getting you the most bang for your buck and that your nutrition matches your level of intensity.

Drinking Shakeology everyday.

Why? Because despite how clean we attempt to eat, there is a nutritional gap that food alone can’t meet due to our shittier-every-day air, water, and soil quality. Because it will reduce your cravings for the foods that will derail you. Because it teaches your body how begin building and releasing REAL energy again (you know … that feeling that we try to fake with caffeine). Because it’s freaking yummy and who doesn’t want a dessert every day that nutritionally counts as FIVE TRIPS to the salad bar!?!

Checking in every day in our online community. Leaning in and reminding our team that we are here doing this, too! Tooting our own horns when we’re winning! Sharing our struggles when we are struggling. Leaning in when we want to lean back.

Why? Because we are stronger together. Because ACCOUNTABILITY and SUPPORT have been the missing links for SO MANY of us in our efforts in the past. Because being connected with a positive gang of peeps moving in a similar positive direction is LIFE CHANGING. “Find your tribe and love them hard.” Well, babe. Here’s your tribe 😉


We can’t pick and choose pieces of the process and expect it to work. What I am excited to share with you is the total solution. You can’t just do SOME of these things, SOME of the time. Trust the process.

If you want results you have never gotten before, you have GOT to do something you have never done before. Make sense? Trust me. Trust the process. I’ve got your back, babe.

➠ ➠ ➠ TEAMS!

Every new 3-week session, you will have the opportunity to be placed on a small team of 3-4 fellow challengers! This is totally optional after your first round but HIGHLY recommended that you continue with the teams. Here’s how it works: These teams are for you guys as an added level of accountability. These teams exist so YOU have a badass POD to lean on and to show up for! A POSSE IN EFFECT! You want maximum results? Get your booty on a team!

Do you have to? Nope! You can fly solo, or even hang back in the background if you want. Or you can change it up session-to-session. This is YOUR group and designed to give YOU what you need in your journey to living a little bit healthier every day! But I’ll say again … You want maximum results? Get your booty on a team!

*NEW: Team Points will be tabulated by logging your Shakeology and Workouts in the Challenge Tracker App!!!! You are going to LOVE this feature!


Checking in for the day? Shouting out a fellow team mate? Have a question? Wanna share a recipe? Want to show us what you are having for breakfast? Or a sweaty selfie? YES!!! This is YOUR PLAYGROUND! Light up that newsfeed!
The only rule: keep it positive, supportive and judgement-free.

Example: you had a rough day and ate all the cookies.
Post: share your struggle. Share how it made you feel. Share how bummed you are. But at the end. Share what you learned. What was the lesson?
*I am not saying you have to be happy, happy, joy, joy all the time. But part of this process is practicing and learning how to GIVE OURSELVES GRACE!

Look at this journey with the same expectations you would hold to a best friend doing this. And when you slip, say to yourself EXACTLY what you would say to her. 😘

Plan on checking in once a day. Clicking some buttons on a social media channel can feel superficial. But trust me. This accountability piece. The solidarity of being on this adventure with a posse. It makes SUCH a difference as we are creating these life-long habits.


Each weekend we will all have the opportunity to check in with ourselves, our team, and our coach. Tracking your results is IMPERATIVE to achieving ANY goal. It’s why they give grades in school. It’s why a pitcher knows how fast his fastest pitch is. Unfortunately, many of us have this really sketchy relationship with the scale. Well that’s okay, because we are going to work towards fixing that, too!

At the beginning of each challenge, we will write down our weight, measurements, and goals.
We will take a “goodbye” picture. {{{{YOU NEVER HAVE TO SHARE THIS or even look at it again … but I guarantee you will want to one day soon.}}}} Here’s the thing, comfort zone. Do you REALLY want to start loving the heck out of yourself? Do you really want this to work? Take the picture. Nobody wants to. Trust the process. Do it. Hide it. Forget about it.
Each weekend, we will jot down our new stats for the week and then pop into the group and share what changes we see and THREE non-scale victories.
NO!! We will not be sharing our weight with anyone. Don’t worry, babe.

It might look like this:
Jenni: down 1.5lbs, down 3 inches! NSV: I need a belt for my jeans, I did my first pull-up EVER, I made it home with the kids’ Mickey D’s without swiping any fries.


These free tools are badass and provided free from Team Beachbody. Love those guys! Check your iPhone or Android App store and let me know if you gave any trouble finding these!

21 Day Fix Tracker App
Challenge Tracker App
Beachbody On-Demand (BOD) App



  1. Download the apps listed above
  2. Send me an email to let me know you made it through Day 1!

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