Day 6


You are about to embark on an incredible journey, my friend! You will go far and do amazing things. And I want you to be able to see how far you’re going, the changes that are happening, and when we reach the end of this first round, I want you to see how far you have come!


This practice of weighing and measuring at the same time once a week starts to make the numbers more scientific and statistical like they should be rather than some abstract emotional thing like they have been.

So once a week. Every week. And then put your scale up in a closet if you need to so you’re not tempted to step on it too often.

I mean it, guys! The days weighing yourself every time you walk into the bathroom, every time you “feel fat,” every time you poop, or every time you workout are over!!

A word about your GOODBYE PHOTO
I know many of you are thinking to yourself, “there is no way I’m taking a picture myself in my underwear! Or a sports bra!” That’s fine! Wear shorts and a tank but DO IT. Take the dang BEFORE photo! No, you don’t have to wear your underwear. Wear shorts and a tank top if you prefer. But document yourself. Document your journey. Your body is going to change in really exciting ways. You are going to see strength that you never knew you had.

You do not have to share this photo. You do not ever have to look at it again. But if you do not take it, not only will you regret it, you will also miss out on the opportunity to see some really awesome changes that the scale and the measuring tape won’t be able to touch. Remember, this photo isn’t for you today … this photo is for the YOU three weeks in the future. And trust me. She really wants to see how far she has come.

➠ ➠ ➠How to take your measurements

👉🏼You can skip the calipers. We don’t use them for tracking in these challenges.

👉🏼Record your Starting STATS in your 21 Day Fix Tracker App that you downloaded earlier this week!IMG_0470.PNG

➠ ➠ ➠How to take your GOODBYE PHOTO

👉🏼You can keep this for your own reference as we talked about above, OR you can submit your results at the end of the challenge to the Team Beachbody Challenge for a free gift and a chance to win $100,000!!! Learn more here!

➠ ➠ ➠Non-Scale Victories (NSV)

We will be checking in each week as a team with three of our favorite NSVs from the week. These will be different for everybody and will really help us stay focused on the amazing changes that are happening in ADDITION to those stats and numbers moving in the right direction!


  • Jeans fit looser
  • Sleeping better
  • Had one brownie and walked away
  • Pooping everyday (seriously)
  • Had the energy to play with my kids all afternoon
  • More patience

The possibilities and the positive changes you are about to see are LIMITLESS!!! I am so excited for you, my friend!


Please send me over a screen shot of your Transformation Tracker and your initial stats and a note that you got your “before” or GOODBYE photo snapped and filed away for later.

Message me here!

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