Day 7


We are going to practicing making some new habits stick.

That’s right, PRACTICING!

Never will perfection be expected … or even welcome!

No person is ever, ever going to do this process perfectly. And the imperfections are going to be our best lessons and tools for making this lifestyle stick.

For many of us, that is going to take a mindset-shift. And that is okay, because that is also something we will be practicing.

It is not unusual, when beginning something new, to make a mental list of all of the ways we “messed up” or “got it wrong.”

It’s a strong habit for many of us, but one that THIS PROCESS and THIS TRIBE can help clean up!

The bottom line is this: you are doing an incredible thing for yourself.

Good health is not a fad or a trend.

Every single human deserves the opportunity for good health. And the rewards are LIMITLESS. They spill over into all areas of your life beginning with self-confidence and overflowing into your daily interactions and relationships.

Welcome to your transformation!

I am so excited and TRULY HONORED to walk alongside you on this journey! ❤

Shoot me a message and let me know you are ready to go!

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